About us


SUNDAICO, Inc., as a core company of the Forest Holdings Group, has set its sights on “food and health” as its business wing, and under the group management philosophy of “Breakthrough”, We conduct business activities in Japan and abroad in pursuit of "real things" that are truly required by customers and local communities.

In order to respond to the rapidly changing market environment, we are expanding our business domains in each segment, from production, manufacturing, processing, and distribution, and working on aggressive business creation.

In addition to our core businesses of veterinary drug distribution and food seasonings, we are also boldly challenging the sixth industry, such as agriculture and fisheries, and are expanding into processing, manufacturing and sales of products.
At the same time, we are revitalizing overseas expansion, and we are also promoting expansion mainly to Asian countries.

In our internal system, we are committed to raising the corporate value of our employees by changing their mindset and improving their skills, with the motto of “A company is its people”, and we are cultivating human resources that comply with our corporate social responsibilities.
We will continue to promote an environment where employees and the company continue to have excitement.

We will work hard to be loved by all stakeholders as well as the local community and recognize the significance of our existence.
We look forward to your continued patronage and support.


Company Name SUNDAICO, Inc.
Type of industry Trading Company
Head Office

FUKUOKA Head Office
1-9-15, Yutaka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, 812-0042, Japan

OITA Head Office
2-3-28, Nishi-Oomichi, Oita City, Oita, 870-8676, Japan

Established March 21,1974
Capital 90,000,000yen
Representative Koichi Eto, President
Sales 33,610,504,500yen(March, 2023)
Number of Employees 297(March, 2023)
Main Businesses We sell veterinary drugs (livestock, fisheries, small animals), food additives and raw materials, chemical industrial chemicals, agricultural materials, etc.
  • フォレストグループ
  • Forest Holdings
  • みらい創世史